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DocCare - 50 account licenses v2.x.x

DocCare - 50 account licenses v2.x.x

DocCare - 50 account licenses Publisher's Description

Overview of DocCare2
DocCare is online business document management software produced by Burgeonsoft Corporation. DocCare2 is the second generation of DocCare software. It provides support to document creation, version control & archiving, documents categorization and presentation and central storage for various kinds of documents. Compared to the previous version, DocCare2 has improved on document categorization, business process optimization and document protection. Furthermore, DocCare2 web module is design upon AJAX, which improves a lot on usability. Full-text search is also brought into DocCare2, which allows user to locate the target document in milliseconds by keywords.
Figure 1: What DocCare2 Provides.
Enhanced Document Security

DocCare2 enhances the four aspects below to protect business documents.

  • GES (General Enterprise Structure) Model GES model is used to control the scope of documents a user can access.
  • Role Based Security Model DocCare2 User Group implements the role based security model to control the user access of DocCare2 components.
  • Document Entitlement DocCare2 builds up one-one operation privilege relationship between user and document. The operation privilege limits a user's operation upon a document, including browse, download, update and delete.
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  • Logs and Audit DocCare2 logs users' behavior and events happened to a document. Administrator can audit a user's behavior or document events from these logs.

Intelligent Categorization

GES (General Enterprise Structure) model ensures a user can only access the documents belong to his department. Thus, a document will stay within the department during its life cycle. Users won't have changes to place the document to folders belong to other department by mistake. Furthermore, the business relationship between documents and folders will be more clear than ever.

Easy Document Access

Because DocCare2 categorizes documents by department structure, it will be very easy for users to find a document by browsing the folders. DocCare2 also introduces the concept of Workspace, which categorizes documents by virtual business entities, such as project, meeting or other business activities. Users can find a document easily by browsing the workspace folders. DocCare2 also support full-text search of a document. Users can fast locate a document by searching the keywords.

Full-Text Search

DocCare2 supports search of a document by keywords. The keywords can appear in the document title, description or content. The support of searching document content currently supports .txt, .html, .xml, .doc and .pdf file formats.

Document Collaboration

DocCare2 provides a file name based document version control mechanism, which allows users to track document modifications. DocCare2 will automatically notify the former editor that the document has been modified once someone else updated the document. DocCare2 Workspace provides a view of business related documents. This allows a group of users who work on a same business task to share the documents. One-one mapping of operation privilege between user and document keeps the collaboration secure. DocCare2 also allows users to leave comments on each document.

The collaboration of documents is not only limited to employees, but involves all document related people, such as customers and partners etc. The publishing feature of DocCare2 can publish documents to all internet users. It is quite suitable for manual or guide type of documents.

Figure 1: What DocCare2 Provides.

DocCare2 is a big upgrade of DocCare software. It's a full-featured, secure, efficient and economical online document management system suitable for small sized or middle sized corporations.

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